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As Seen On Tv Retail Store Live Journal

A journal promoting products from www.AsSeenOnTvRetailStore.com



January 16th, 2008

New Stuff and New Promo

I would like to present some new items that have been posted. First off the list is the Valentine Gift Baskets. The Valentine Gift Baskets are great gifts to give to that special someone on Valentine's Day.

Second is the Birthday Gift Baskets. The Birthday Gift Baskets are wonderful gifts to give someone on their birthday.

Next off I would like to present a new promo. We are now offering free shipping on any orders $30 or more.

January 11th, 2008


Just posting an entry on a couple of specials that we are having.

One is the Rechargeable LED Candles. Normally they sell for $39.99, but they are on sale now for $29.99. That's 25% off.

Second is the MXZ Saw. Normally 19.99 and is on sale for $17.99. That's 10% off.

Plus you can still use the coupon in my previous post on these items.

Also, there will be a slight delay on the video that will be coming out demoing the products. They will come out it will just take a little time. I am however taking suggestions on what you would like to see demoed. Don't be shy. Just reply to this post.

January 9th, 2008

First Post

This is the first post for me. For those of you that don't know this journal is about the online store As Seen On Tv Retail Store.

From here several things will be posted including:
  • Special offers and discounts
  • New products added to the catalog
  • Video reviews of products
  • Articles created for the website
  • and anything else I feel like sharing

As a special bonus I have included a coupon code for you. On your checkout screen where you see Redemption Code type in LJCoupon. This will give you 15% off of your total order. This coupon is only valid until Saturday January 19 of 2008. Also this coupon is only valid once per customer and not valid with any other coupons.

So feel free to stop by the store and see what we have.
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